Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

On Amtrak again as we head from Seattle down through Oregon and into California. It was another single day trip with sleeping in the middle.

I haven’t talked too much about our time on the trail, which has been substantial. We are all finding out that we are not as flexible as we used to be, and climbing into the upper bunk bed is the highlight of the evening.

The upper bunk is narrower than the bottom, has a harder mattress (although we are not sure the Mattress Association of America would agree to call that skinny pad a mattress.). It is also warmer up top, which is good and bad depending on the temperature in the car.

Lower seating area/bed

The bathroom is a combo bathroom/shower, although we have avoided showering in there. There is about 2 square feet to stand in and it’s hard enough just to use the toilet on a moving swaying train… a shower would just be too difficult. We have a tiny sink which is nice for brushing teeth; and SOME of the trains have had hooks to hang things on.

We did make a major mistake when we got off in San Jose…. we thought we had 5 minutes to pull stuff together, then the steward came and said, “You need to get off now, because after you get off, the train has to pull forward to let the coach passengers off.” SO we scurried, grabbed our bags and left. We forgot to check one thing… the rooms have tiny closets which we’ve been hanging our coats in, and — yes you guessed it — we left our coats in the train and didn’t realize it til we were at Susie’s, our host, house.

The infamous coat closet which hid our coats.. Hope it’s not too cold in Denver!

In the train room there is also a single chair, fold-down table (18” x 18”) plus the lower bunk which is like a futon. Use it as a sofa during the day and a bed at night.

Our table complete with figs

Now back to our San Jose visit. We rented a car and drove to Susie Dorsey’s 60-acre horse farm in redwood country. She lives on a ridge back a 3.5 mile winding narrow road, surrounded on both sides by redwoods. She has a few neighbors on that road but most everything is set back so you don’t see the houses. Amazingly she drives a truck and trailer out that road when going to horse events, but she did say that you had to really inch through a few curves with huge trees on each side of the road.

The farm next to hers belongs to Neil Young. Actually Neil Young’s daughter now, Neil has moved back to LA area. (Apparently married Darryl Hannah, but I don’t stay up on those kinds of things)

Back to some pictures – arriving in San Jose.

Our train at the San Jose station
Palm Trees! Yes, we are in California.

Now for some scenes from Suzie’s farm, named “Fogbound”. It has been super dry here so grass is brown and although in normal weather she can see the ocean, now it is shrouded in fog/mist, which she takes as a good sign that some rain might be coming.

View from the Driveway
Paddock with a view.
Susie’s driveway (which is a 1/2 mile long and at the end of a 3 mile narrow road).
Chest Handle

A trip to Cally would not complete without a trip to a winery. And so we reluctantly agreed to go taste wine for an afternoon. It’s a difficult job but someone has to do it.

A unique orange wine they make there.
Left to right: Jerry, Susie, Anne and Ginny with our wine smiles.

I’m going to end here, but one stop we made on the way to the winery – to the San Gregorio General store – I’ll cover in the next post. VERY COOL STORE!

As for now, we are on our way to Denver, making many stops along the way. But we are tucked into our room with embroidery projects (Edith) and books (me), so we’re not in a big rush. We arrive in Denver at 6:30 tomorrow evening.

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  1. Glad to know not all CA wineries burned to the ground. I’ve heard Susie mentioned by Edith for years. Decades maybe. Nice to see her farm.


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