Seattle, Land of Waterways and Conifers

This was our first sight of the Puget Sound; a wonderful dark cloud spitting rain but clear sky on the horizon.

We boarded the train at Glacier Park just 24 hours after we arrived, it was much too short a visit. I hope to come back and stay a week and there. But onward to Seattle.

As we travelled up the Sound, it got lighter.
I thought this was a cruise ship but upon further study, realized it was a car ferry.
Close-up of the ferry.
Just a refresher for our readers who don’t remember the topography of the Seattle area. LOTS of waterways and shoreline. I think the train came from the east at about Bellingham, then tracked along the water’s edge to Seattle.

We disembarked at the main Seattle station and were met by good friend Lin Wilson, who had rented a van so all of us could fit in. After a much welcome snack/lunch at a popular restaurant across the street, I parted company with my traveling companions and was picked up by Kathy Young, a friend I met through Back Country Horseman.

Kathy and I planned to spend a day and a half looking at the areas outside of Seattle, where my daughter Kristin (currently in San Diego) hopes to move. The others went downtown to Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square, then to dinner at Cutters. Kathy and I drove through a number of small towns southeast of Seattle.

My “Tiny House” AirBnB outside Seattle. (Reston). It was so cute and rustic, with a lake behind it and surrounded by towering firs.

I spent the evening in my tiny house on Zillow, looking for both houses and land to drive by the next day, just to get a feel for prices and locations. It was well worth the trip, and Kathy was generous with her time to show me all around. The nice thing about Seattle is that just 45 min out of downtown (unless it’s rush hour) you can be in very rural areas. There are a lot of small towns surrounded by farms (and LOADS of horses!). At the end of the day, after lunch at an old interesting restaurant in Tacoma, she drove me down to Olympia to meet up again with the traveling folks.
While I was “ real estating” that day, the others had headed for the beach…

Jerry Husted ( left) and our hosts, John and Lin Wilson ( right).
Anne Husted ( far left), John and Lin ( center), and Jerry (right)

Our time with John and Lin was fun; lots of conversations and good food (almost too much!) Their 10 acre farm is lovely and backs onto the huge Capital State Forest with lots of trails. They have horses and three personality-loaded Springer Spaniels.


The next day (Thursday) we went to Mt. St. Helens — but more about that tomorrow. To end today’s post, here’s a peek at where all these pictures and words are cobbled together…Blog Central.

This is Blog Central, in the observation car of the train (when we have cell signal anyway)