Glacier National Park

Sunday Oct .11

(Cell and internet service continues to be challenging, so these posts are a few days behind.)

Today we are at the northern border of the U.S….. close to our good neighbor, Canada.

In the dark of night, we arrived at Glacier National Park, at the Essex train station. The Superliner came to a slow, clackety stop, and we disembarked to find a warm van from the Isaak Walton lodge waiting for us. The lodge was a mere 300 yards from the train tracks, but it would have been a cold, dark long 300 yards. Rain was spitting down, the road was dirt, and there were no lights.

We were happy to see the warm lights of the lodge awaiting us. It’s a historic building which was originally built for railroad workers when the tracks were laid through the area. The whole property is all about trains, including the authentic caboose cabins you can reserve for lodging. And (for $400 a night) an elegantly remodeled train engine suite.

Unloading at the Isaak Walton Lodge
Izaak Walton Lobby

The next day we rented a car and drove around the Park. It reminded me of when my daughter Kristin and I drove the Pacific Coast Highway. I’d say “OOH OOH STOP, this must be the prettiest place and I need a picture.” And then we’d round the corner and there was another gorgeous view and around the corner another one… This was how Glacier National Park was.

It did start out a little dreary due to morning rain, but then the sun broke through and the views were astounding. Huge snow covered mountains, blue lakes, rushing streams, even a rainbow. Here are just a few of the pictures…

Behind those clouds is a mountain.
First sneaker in snow for 2020

Oh and one more thing about Glacier: they really like their bears.

And their moose.

Jerry particularly like this moose…
A touristy picture just to prove I was there. You’ll have to take my word about Edith, Anne and Jerry!

I haven’t mentioned the fun conversations and laughter all four of us have had together throughout the trip. Complaints turn into jokes, and stories keep us sitting long over meals. The company is good and the travel and sights are memorable. After many long months of being cooped up because of COVID, this almost feels like normal again.. What more could one ask for?

More tomorrow about our trip into Seattle.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I am glad to see you and your companions are having a great time. And getting off the train for some neat excursions!


  2. Lovely pictures. Glad you’re having a wonderful time. Great to get away and do something different during these crazy times enjoy


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