Beer Capital and West

Sunday Oct.11

The post below was written 2 days ago, but we’ve not had WiFi in train or Glacier Nat Park, and almost no cell signal. So blogging everyday may not happen! Here’s the two-day old post!

So yesterday’s (Saturday’s) post had “Beer Capital” in the title — but I never got to it. Right now (Sunday at 10:30am CST) we are in North Dakota, but that will be another post! For the courageous readers who can read two posts in one day, or who want to know more about North Dakota.

Our second stop after leaving Chicago yesterday was Milwaukee. I didn’t get many good pictures, just one below. I would like to say it’s because we had too many “Milwaukee’s Best”’s, but we were tee-totaling until dinner. But – Full Disclosure – I was taking a nap.

Milwaukee River. Cheese Curd factory nearby (I’m sure)

After leaving Milwaukee, we headed further north in Wisconsin and into the country. The colors here are much further along. Getting a good photo from a train going 80mph is challenging, so here’s the best I could do with brilliant trees we passed close to the train:

Golds, yellows and reds in Wisconsin

MORE ABOUT OUR TRAIN. We are on the sleeping car which is the LAST one on a long train. The good and the bad news is that we have a LONG walk to the Dining Car. This may be the only exercise we get, however. Past the coach cars (Get out of our way, plebeians!), through the Lounge Car (no Lounge Lizards here) I call it the Observation car because it has windows both side and top.

Lounge car with people lounging

The staff is absolutely Army-strict about COVID rules. One announcement said if you don’t wear a mask, you will be “removed from” the train (along with the smokers.). I wonder if they stop the train first before they throw you off?

Luckily, since we have private sleeping rooms, we can remove our masks in there. WHEW! Here are pictures of our tiny room (Those of you who want to live in a Tiny House, try an Amtrak sleeping room before you plunk down your deposit!) One bed is the lower “couch” and the second bed drops down from above. The porters get it all set up for you. We have had wonderful, helpful porters. Courtney and O.C.

Sink area with mirrors..
Seating area on left. Lower is one bed and above this (out of picture) is second bed that drops down.

Finally, here are some pics of our train, a SUPERLINER (woo woo!) which is 2 levels and we are on the top level.

Jerry chatting with our concierge, Courtney

The route we are on is called the Empire Builder. I’m not sure of the connection of that name to our route; perhaps because it was oe of the first routes to carry railroad workers to build the connecting lines to the West Coast? But I don’t know that.. haven’t done my research!

We haven’t hit the high points yet…

OK, that’s all for now.

Next post – North Dakota!!! You’ll be thrilled, trust me. (I’ve got some swamp land in Florida to sell too, while you are in the trusting state of mind.)

3 thoughts on “Beer Capital and West

  1. OMG, how could I have forgotten about that? I’ll put it in the next blog or two. But in one word, food is not exceptional, pre-packaged and pre-made due to COVID, and then just heated up. We had BLoody Mary’s this morning at 11AM to get our vitamins.


  2. Loving the blog Ginny. But I can’t believe you haven’t told us about the food! You know those of us you ride with are all about the food. I assume no buffet or group dining but still, they’ve got a feed you so Milwaukee’s Best doesn’t have you all in a drunken stupor.


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