The Most Exotic Train Trip

(aka the Marigold Hotel for those movie buffs)

Chicago River with kayakers

This is my first entry for our train trip from Chicago to Glacier Nat Park to Seattle to San Francisco to Denver and back. WHEW!

CAVEAT ON BLOGGING THIS TRIP: cell and WiFi on the train are spotty and slow! So posts may come late, or with a few days rolled together

Travelers on the trip: Edith Conyers, her sister Anne and Anne’s husband Jerry. And me.

2:15 Saturday October 10th. We’re catching our Amtrak train in Chicago, a 6 hour drive from Kentucky. We arrived yesterday so we had time this morning to explore the COVID19-impaired city.
Restaurants closed, masks worn outside as well as inside, not much traffic – well not much on Saturday, but coming in Friday afternoon on the freeways was challenging.

Breakfast options were limited, and this is where we ended up. Do you recognize the pink and white wrappers? Yup, good ol’ Dunkin Donuts.

But it got much better. Seriously. The day was sunny and warm, so Jerry , Edith and I headed for Lake Michigan while Anne relaxed in the hotel room.

We went through Millenium Park and then headed for the Lake. Pretty with sapphire green water and LOTS of boats.

Mango & Lime Marguerita…,

We then veered away from the lake onto the River Trail… lots of families and runners on the “trail” (a wide concrete walkway right along the river with eateries and a few shops.)

But it was hot and we had walked a long way, so we stopped for something to drink.

And it sure was good we had had an adult beverage because right around the corner was…

In all its glory…..

(no it’s not a campaign sign)

More Trump… best ever building in the world in all of history forever and forever (tweeted by His Majesty of course)

OK I’m going to stop for now. Tomorrow we have all of Wisconsin to cover and probably a little Montana as our silver chariot races through the darkness westward.

Here are a few more city pictures:

View from our hotel room
There’s Jerry on the right.

6 thoughts on “The Most Exotic Train Trip

  1. What a fabulous trip. I’m enjoying reading about it. I did the same trip in the 70s when I lived in Wisconsin. I’ve been on all three routes- North (Empire Builder), middle and Southern. Excited to see your pics and commentary.


  2. So glad you are journaling your trip so we can follow along with you! Your photos make me want to go to Chicago again … hope the rest of your trip goes well, and looking forward to reading more!


  3. It gets more scenic as you head west….no skyscrapers except mountains! The biggest challenge will be coming back across the Continental Divide where rivers run East. Amtrak the way to travel!


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