Despite the Rain…

rainLately I have been repeating “Despite the Rain” to remind myself of all of the good things about Kentucky and my life. After all, this is the time of year when we  count our blessings, spend time with loved ones, and take a breather from the rush of 21st century life.sunrise-colors-e1545595091625.jpg

So today, on YET ANOTHER RAINY SUNDAY, I have to say “Despite the Rain”. At daybreak, before the rain set in, there was a gorgeous sunrise, starting with deep red, then pink-red, then pink-gold, then gold-yellow-peach. Finally the bright orb appeared over the horizon. I sat in the living room and watched it all.

candleDespite the Rain (or maybe because of…?) , we have a fire crackling in the fireplace. I have lit candles to brighten the mood. I took a nap!

By the way, on the matter of naps, I have become a proponent of any nap you can catch in the middle of the day. But that topic is for another day. (A great new year’s resolution: Take a Nap Every Day)

So Despite the Rain, Christmas is almost here, our sad little tree is decorated (we didn’t cut one this year, but got a Charlie Brown tree from Kroger), our kids are both happy and healthy, we meet up with friends and we enjoy cards arriving from friends from afar. We eat cookies and plan Christmas dinner, glad to have enough food to eat when so many others around the world are hungry.

All that Despite the Rain.

happy holidays