Please DNA* the DNA


So it has happened.  A Chinese professor has meddled with the DNA of twin infants.  He has modified their DNA so they are not susceptible to the HIV virus.

At least that’s what he thinks.  Aside from breaking all of the rules of ethics, morality and academic norms, we might never know if that is really how he modified their DNA.  What if he got it wrong?

Let’s assume the twins were Chinese.  And that the professor was texting while he modified their DNA (Called “Distracted DNA Meddling”) and made a mistake. What if this mistake made the twins have the following complications?  What a long unhappy life they would have in China!

  • Eating rice made the twins sick.
  • They grew up despising Math, Science, Computers and Violins.
  • They liked Checkers but not Chinese Checkers.
  • Their hair grew out bright red.
  • They adored the songs of Britney Spears.
  • They had a particular attraction to very brightly colored clothes.
  • They got a rash each time they tried to use Alibaba.

I mean, that would be like having a German baby who didn’t like Wiener Schnitzel, or a French baby allergic to wine.  So sad!  Let us all say a prayer for the twins, may they live a full and happy Chinese life.

SO, Dr. Professor, keep yer cotton pickin hands off of our DNA!