Life Speeds and Slows

I looked at my last post and realized it has been three years since I wrote something here.  How time speeds along.


Ozzy and I at Big South Fork Ride

I’ve been competing in Endurance Races, (Note: We are not supposed to refer to them as races but as rides… but it’s a timed event so I think “races” is closer to reality.)  These are long trail rides but at a fast speed.  I’ve been doing the 25-mile distances but hope to “graduate” to 50-mile distances in 2019.

When riding those distances, there are times when you can speed along, wind in your face,  the thrill of trees and bushes rushing past, the alertness to watch footing, rocks, and uphill/downhill riding positions.  It’s a real rush.

But then, there are the slow times too.  A particularly muddy or steep patch. A horse who is breathing too hard and needs to rest. An ache in your legs from a long fast stretch… ah, it feels good to just sit in the saddle for a while and let your horse walk or munch on grass by the side of the trail.

Days, months and years passing by are a lot like these races.  Sometimes you are spinning along, enjoying the hectic nature of being “too busy”;  other times you just need to pull back, rest and sit around for a few days.  (Well, there is no sitting around here because there are constant farm chores and the normal upkeep of living.  But you get the point…)

As winter sets in, I am looking forward to doing some writing, and revitalizing this blog. What are your winter plans?  Winter seems like another life in many ways. More time indoors.  Less time riding horses.  More bundling up just to go out to feed or clean stalls. A bigger effort to keep weight down (Yuk, exercise classes??).  Too much darkness.

But we muddle through each year and so having a Winter Plan or Goal is a good way to wait out the darkness and cold.  OR we could just move to Hawaii! (Yes, chuck it all, sell it all, and go sleep on the beach.  I’d like to try it, but my husband wouldn’t think of it. For now, I can blame him anyway)

Hope to keep in touch with you all and to hear about your winter pursuits.  We need to hang together until the spring grass comes peeping up.

3 thoughts on “Life Speeds and Slows

  1. I am getting good ideas from everyone. The bullet journal sounds like a great idea, MaryAnn. And I’m glad to inspire a few to write down what they want to get done over the winter (Paul…!). Good to be in touch, sometimes it’s pretty isolating here in KY.


  2. Here in the southwest corner of CA we are a lot less subject to winter blahs. The occasional gray days and very occasional rain that happen in the winter are a very welcome novelty. Gardening is the absolute best and there is almost never a day when you can’t exercise outdoors. People always ask me if I miss the seasons in PA and I have not yet been tempted to say yes. Living somewhat inland, we have deciduous trees with colorful falling leaves, interspersed with palms, cacti, and other succulents.
    HOWEVER, with increasing age we all seem to feel timing slipping away at an alarming rate. I have been keeping a bullet journal for about two years to give myself a better grasp of what I’ve done and want to do in all areas: exercising, volunteering, reading, meditating, being with friends and family. When I get that awful feeling that somehow three months have evaporated, I look back over the pages and see that most of the time I did quite a lot, and if I’m not satisfied, which is always, I write down some goals.
    It’s good to hear from you again Ginny and I hope to see more.


  3. Agreed, Ginny. With retirement my days are more relaxation than ever before. And I don’t miss the “too busy” days. I’m tired, dammit! But it is also a good thing to have some goals on the calendar. While it’s ok to always have some activities/jobs vaguely whirling in my head and actually doing some of them, it is most important for me to have an actual list written down that I refer to frequently. Your piece is a good reminder that I need to focus on my priorities for the next few months and determine exactly what I’m going to write down. Well wishes to you and Eric.


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