Solar Power All Over

horse see breathWAHOO!  I rode Stormy on the trail yesterday with my friend Mindy.  It has been a month since I have been in the saddle.

The cold reality is…. it’s COLD out there. It topped out at 37 degrees.  Yet I went, bundled up from head to toe. And still despite the bundling… my fingertips got numb and my toes were cold.  My legs felt chilled although they warmed up once I was mounted and Stormy’s body heat emanated up through the saddle.

Stormy wasn’t all that thrilled when I slipped the cold bit into his mouth.  He chewed and chewed …and chewed… on it.

OK, so these solar pants aren't so beautiful...

OK, so these solar pants aren’t so beautiful…

Will someone please invent a solar-powered bit?  One that stores a charge when you put it in the sun or bright light, and then you push a tiny button right before you put on the bridle and VOILA!  A warm bit and a happy horse.

Next I want a solar powered pair of pants.  Solar panels on the thighs which store energy until you need it… push a button in the waistband and VOILA!  A warm and happy rider.

These hiking boots have solar panels in them.

These hiking boots have solar panels in them.

Next the boots. Sewn-in solar panels on the tops of your get the point…. VOILA! Warm toes.

And what about a solar-paneled horse blanket?  Lots of surface on those blankets for the solar panels.

Hey, “electronic wearables” are all the rage now.  The computer in a watch, Google glasses… Tech industry — don’t forget the equestrians.

power-purse-solarI just found a purse (available online) with built-in solar panels, and a USB charger inside, so I can charge my phone or tablet while walking around with the purse.  Is that cool or what?

But cool is not what i want when riding in the winter.  I want WARM.  The good news is, my horse is naturally solar powered.  Give him sun (and hay) and he warms up without pushing a button. Low tech but still cute as a button, that’s my Stormy.