Solitude Matters

Once again I read that phrase “WORK HARD, PLAY HARD” as a command to readers to Grab Life By the Tail and “Just Do It”!

Boy, I am tired of that whole mentality.  It is just SO American to encourage us (especially those working for a corporation) to be busy-busy-busy all the time.  When you stop working at your office (or orchard or retail store or…) then you need to jump into some sports clothing and ..

Hit the Slopes!get-up-you-lazy-bum-2

Grab the Bike!

Saddle the Horse!

Snatch the Tennis Racket!

Dig out the Baseball Glove!

Ad infinitum..

What ever happened to the value assigned to

quiet contemplation?

Of closing your eyes and resting them from the glare of the computer screen?spider-web-79920

Of examining a spider web in all its glory?

Of sipping coffee while imagining life after death?

Of writing a letter to a long lost friend?

Americans are so GO GO GO all the time.  It’s killing us, everyone complains of being too busy, stress is creating health problems…. yet we cannot let go of that thought that if you are not DOING SOMETHING PHYSICAL (and preferably competitive) you are wasting your life.

OK, I admit it…. deep down I’m lazy.  I say, let’s create a LAZY CLUB and never have a meeting!  Homework assignment:  Sit for at least 30 minutes and don’t do ANYTHING. (Don’t even write a blog….)

Let’s hear it for muscles that are NOT stretched and taut.garfield

Let’s hear it for dirty houses and unmowed lawns.

Let’s hear it for the quiet sound of:

Tennis rackets sitting in the corner

Bike wheels still as a mouse

Girths untightened and saddles resting on their racks

Sneakers hiding in the dark closet

ContemplationBooks whose pages aren’t turning

The un-rustle of newspapers gathering dust on the coffee table

Dishes sitting in the sink

Now that’s my kind of quiet. Take a deep breath. Hear your heart beat. Think of old times. Picture your loved ones. Pet your cat. Exercise your eyebrows if you must. Up down, up down….

And maybe if you are feeling particularly unsettled at all this quiet…smell a flower loudly.  It will give you a false sense of doing something.. yet it is a truly and wonderfully lazy activity.


Take back life.

4 thoughts on “Solitude Matters

    • thanks Janet, simple comments like yours keep me going! I enjoy writing them but most of the time I think they are just for myself… to get things off my chest. Which is OK too! Stress relief!


  1. Amen. Reminds me of an NPR report heard commuting an hour home from work the other evening: we who use cell phones with text/messaging/email capabilities are more stressed than previous generations who didn’t have a problem with quiet time/space. I turned OFF the radio and just observed the landscape and road as I drove the rest of the way in silence.


  2. Greg and I just returned from the Practice of Being Lazy in the Sun- it was great! So I agree sometimes you just have to lie in the sun.


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